When tragedy strikes, Jake must use every ounce of skill, smarts and ruthlessness to keep his life together, and become the man he always wanted to be. 

Life in the underground racing scene is all about suck, squeeze, bang, blow. The more rubber you burn the more money you earn.

Race of Life is a college/street racing Adult Visual Novel. You play Jake Miller, a divorced Professor who has taken up teaching after his past mistakes cost him his lucrative job and his marriage. 

Jake is smart, attractive, and not shy about using those attributes to get what he wants - which almost always involves fast cars or fast women.

The only thing Jake loves more than spending time working on his car with his best friend Cooper, a mechanic with his own garage is meeting new women for a good time, not a long time. Recently, he’s started a casual dating relationship with another teacher, but is it just so she can help him with his research grants or is he starting to get tired of all the random hook-ups?

Most important of all to Jake is his six-year-old daughter Lily. Jake loves spending time with her, as long as his vicious and possessive ex-wife Allison isn’t trying to make his life harder.

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Who is behind Underground Studio?

Patreon is the games only source of income, so if you would like to see the game developed further and faster please consider donating. As a show of appreciation, Patrons get many benefits which you can find on the Patreon page. Just check the tiers for more information. Extra short stories added to the game and Wallpapers made for our Patreons every month, extra votes power and EARLY ACCESS TO THE NEWEST RELEASES EVEN 7 DAYS BEFORE OFFICIAL LAUNCH!

Underground Studio started out being made by me - Jachu! I have worked on a couple of productions before - mostly as a 3D artist but it was never something that I came up with. I was really unsure about starting my own project with my own idea for the game but I guess the time has come! I came out with the Race of Life story but I was struggling to write the dialogues for it, mostly because English is not my first language (and I'm not a writer at all!). With help came Joshua - he poured words on paper and pushed life into my characters!  

Joshua is a writer and a wrench monkey. When he’s not at his keyboard typing away on his latest manuscript, he can be found swearing profusely into the engine bay of one of his project cars. While he has ghost-written for many individuals and industries, Race of Life is his first foray into adult gaming. Some of his greatest achievements include driving a Nissan R32 GTR around the Mount Panorama circuit, bluffing his way into pit lane in Monaco, and coming third in his second-grade spelling bee. 

“I really like the potential of Adult Visual Novels. They allow the player to experience a story in a way that you can’t with a book or movie, but add more structure than you have in a fully sandbox-style game. I think the story we have here is very different to what’s out there, and I hope everyone feels something about the characters and story arcs as they play out.”

Get your motor revving Race to win Take a peek into the underground racing scene, where suck, squeeze, bang, blow is about more than just your engine cycle. Race and upgrade your car to take control of your future.
Make your move Take her for a spin Pick your partner and make her yours. Play your cards right and you’ll enjoy explicit, uncensored sex scenes where you control the action.
Play your way Naughty or nice? How you play is up to you. You can be the nice guy or the ruthless bastard, the choices (and consequences) are up to you!











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