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Few words from Joshua:

Welcome to 2024 everyone. I hope everyone had a good holiday season for those that celebrate events over December and New Year's. I know I did. I have a friend who works in the craft brewing industry, and he gifted me a carton of beers that were very 'sessionable', but at 8% alcohol level, caught up to me in a big way very quickly. Fortunately I was able to keep myself in a merry sort of zone rather than cause any physical or emotional damage when surrounded by family, though my brothers could not say the same. They are a bunch of loose cannons at the best of times, but especailly over the holidays where they like lobbing conversational hand grenades into discussions with the extended family. Let's just say that they have inspired several of Cooper's antics.

Regarding RoL, we're currently full steam ahead for the release of 3.1, with a lot of the hard work done, but still some more to go. As for myself, I'm currently re-writing a scene in 3.2. We have been very fortunate to get a bit of recognition for our game, but with that comes pressure to deliver on the promise. An event that I was writing was coming together well enough, but just not in the way that felt believable or 'right'. I spent a bit of time trying to make it work, but quickly realised that the end result would be far better if I worked at it from a different angle, rather than trying to make it work as it was.Or as Jachu has said 'quality will always matter'.

And he's right, so I'm reworking those scenes in 3.2 at the moment. I'm hoping to have 3.2 fully drafted by the end of the month, and be ready for some hard editing and integration into episode 4 by the time 3.1 releases.  The scenes I'm working on are so important because they set up the climax of the episode (pun intended). I think there are certain milestones in the story for each path, and one path will have one in 3.2, so I need to get it right.  As always, feel free to drop by our discord channel if you'd like to discuss the game, but keep in mind that I may not be able to answer everything explicitly, at the risk of giving away too much of the story.

Thank you all for 2023, and I hope we can see you again in 2024.

Sexy race girl called Patricia from adult visual novel called Race of Life
Sexy race girl called Patricia from adult visual novel called Race of Life
24 stycznia 2024

Development Update - 08.01.2024

Hello in the new year! 🥳

We're kicking off fully! I have less than a month before going to the hospital, so I've set myself a few tasks to minimize the workload upon my return home after the surgery but not to overload myself too much. Currently, I'm working on a race scene - I've already completed over 100 images for this scene, but there's still some work left, mostly focusing on race animations. I plan to create one more scene - a lewd scene with one of our love interest, so some sex animations are waiting for me too. With a bit of luck I’ll manage to finish these two scenes before February.

On a less positive note, progress on the UI has slowed down a bit, but I'm hopeful to wrap that up by the end of this month. Simultaneously, I'm making minor adjustments to the free demo on Steam, which I also plan to release in January! 🎉

As I mentioned a few development updates ago, this year, I need to ask questions about the Valentine's render with more than a month's notice. Similar to last year, we'll go with the classic two-question format - character and place. Today, I'll provide the first one, and in the next development update I’ll give you the next one. I'll create the Valentine's render in advance and add it to the queue on Patreon so that you can enjoy it on February 14th -  there will be a public SFW version and an NSFW one for Patreon supporters. ❤️Valentine's Day 2024 - Special Renders Poll - Character Poll

Logo of the best porn game called Race of Life with a neon racing car and text written underneath.

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