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And few words from Joshua:

As it gets towards the end of the year, I'd just like to thank everyone.

As a writer, we deal with a lot of 'imposter syndrome'. There's no real hard metric on how good a story or piece of dialogue is until you actually show someone, and doing that means opening yourself up to people criticizing it, sometimes pretty harshly. I'm extremely grateful that people have enjoyed the story so far in Episode 1, and as Episode 2 nears release, I hope the joy continues.

So, thanks for the feedback, there's been loads of reviews and thoughts that players have shared, and even the harshest critiques have come from a position of wanting the game to be better. As I've mentioned before, I can't please everyone, but I absolutely read and note every one of them.

With the holiday season over, it's now full steam ahead. I'm currently writing the big piece of the episode that will play differently depending on your current love interest, and plays a huge role in the story of one of the girls.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has played, left a review, posted on reddit or twitter and generally enjoyed what we're doing here.Happy New Year!

Maggie from Race of Life is touching her pussy and holding her big tit in Jake's bed
Maggie is holding handcuffs, she is laying in Jake's bed.
31 grudnia 2023

Development Update - 31.12.2022

Happy New Year! Best wishes to all of you guys!🥰🥳Some of you probably are still in 2022 (just like me) but some of you are already celebrating 2023! Let's make it the best we can and may it be full of grand adventures and opportunities😄As I promised - here's a more detailed development update (last one this year)😄 I’ve crossed 1000 images (exactly 1031 for now) that’s 7 scenes in total and currently I’m working on 8th. There’s still like 14 waiting in line… Some of the scenes are pretty similar to each other because it’s only other outcomes depending on your choices (for ex. what girl you’d choose to go with etc.) so I hope it won’t take long to make but we’ll see. The one I was working on before Christmas came out pretty big too, it has 263 images so yeah, some of the scenes are huge 😄 Also another racing mini-game is ready! I’m pretty sure that the number of renders in Episode 2 would be something around 3000 or maybe even more! As a comparison Episode 1 contains around 1400 images so if there’d be similar amount of content in the upcoming Episode it’d be almost ready to release 😄 I’m a little terrified because I’ve never released such amount of content at once but I hope you’ll enjoy it and you’ll say it was worth the wait 🥰


Here's December sexy wallpaper, this month Veronica won 😍 To get the wallpaper click HERE! 

Logo of the best porn game called Race of Life with a neon racing car and text written underneath.

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