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.And a few words from Joshua:


Things are progressing along nicely on the script front.

There's been some expansion, but nothing that should add a whole lot to the 3.1 development timeline. 3.2 is about 1/3 complete, including some unique lewd scenes that I think will appeal to some fans of girls that may not have had the most screen time as of yet. 


It's funny writing lewd scenes, because sometimes it's with kinks or preferences I don't have, which means I have to research and try to find out about how those things play out. Other times it's for things that I am into, and then I need to make sure I don't turn it into my own private therapy session with various exes. 


I know some people probably believe that lewd scenes are just about throwing some tits, ass and vulva at the player and throwing in some smutty descriptions of a penis, but there's a lot more to it than you might think. It actually takes quite a bit of effort to write the lewd content, mostly because when I do, I start to second guess my own bedroom behaviors. I don't recommend too much self reflection on that end. It can lead to performance anxiety. Or overconfidence.


Of course, there is a lot more to the script than just the lewd content. All the girls from previous episodes get some time in the spotlight, and some new characters filter in (not many though, we don't want an enormous cast of characters). 

On a side note, some fans have made a subreddit dedicated to the game. Feel free to check it out if you'd like to discuss the game or characters with other fans.  https://www.reddit.com/r/RaceOfLife/


Just note that we aren't moderators there, so if you want any immediate feedback or need to contact us, Patreon or Discord is still the best channel.

Jasmine from adult visual novel called Race of Life is talking on the phone, whispering.
Jasmine from adult game called Race of Life. She's holding a phone, smiling.
04 stycznia 2024

Development Update - 29.11.2023

The next scene is ready! It has 8 animations ready, and I'm moving on to scene 3, which we'll be tweaking a bit. It will be shorter than we initially thought, but the outcome will be better in terms of the story development 😊

We've also started translations; the first 5 scenes from Episode 1 are getting translated. At the moment, we have volunteers for translating into Spanish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, German, French, Hindi, and Bengali! This is a very difficult and time-consuming task, but we hope to translate most of the planned languages so that players from different parts of the world can enjoy the game without the worry of not understanding something 😃

Therefore, I'd like to remind and encourage anyone who knows any languages and is proficient enough in English to translate Race of Life into their language - join our team! Every bit of help matters, and there's truly a lot of text to translate. Please get in touch with us here or via Discord.

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