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A few words from Joshua: 😄
I know a lot of people are hanging out for the release date, but it's not quite at the stage we can put a firm date out there just yet. Once we're finished with a major race scene, then we'll know a bit more.

In the meantime, I've been working on some of episode 3, as well as helping out a little retouching some pics (which I guess is a fancy way of saying using the 'remove' tool in photoshop to fix the occasional issue with some of the pictures). It's kind of funny how you can become accustomed to trying to fix little blemishes that when you take a break to make a cup of tea, you come back to a screen full of boob and have a 'well, I guess this is my life' sort of moment. But, things could be worse. I could be back working retail again (nothing against retail workers, just about everyone I worked with were fantastic, but taking shit from Karens is definitely something I do not miss).

Looking through all the renders, there's so many there that I think would make great preview images, but there's also a bit of reluctance to give away too much of the story. There are some scenes where I think the visual impact of seeing a character in a situation for the first time is part of the fun.

There has been a bit of discussion around fetishes and kinks that I've noticed, and a few people clamoring for their favorite. If any of our followers or patrons have a particular kink they think would suit, I'm always willing to take suggestions, provided I can write it well enough to have it work for the story, and they're not out of the scope of the story (i.e. the ones we've already said won't be a part of this game). I've also had a few "Will MC get to date X girl", and the answer has to be "maybe, maybe not". Again, I understand that some people don't want to dive into a game if their preferred girl of choice isn't developed into someone the MC can get with, but giving away too much kind of makes the game less fun, in my opinion.

Plus, there's many episodes to come, and some girls haven't even been revealed yet. I'm sure you'll find a favorite (or more than one).

Other than that, it's the usual push and grind as we get closer to release. As always, suggestions are welcome, and feel free to drop any in the comments.

Stay tuned!

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02 stycznia 2024

Development Update - 29.06.2023

At the moment I have over 100 animations and 3151 renders ready. Looking at what’s left I think we’ll get close to 4000 renders so about 700-800 to go! 😄 I already started working on the race scene, which contains many choices, and therefore a lot of car animations. By the end of the week I’ll send the big batch of new content to the beta testers and proofreaders. Currently we have already tested 7 scenes, now there will be a huge 8th scene, which is like 8 smaller scenes and 3 more scenes, so it's like they have 10 more scenes to test. There are only 3 scenes left to the end, so we’re getting there.

As I have said many times, I will be able to say something more about the release date when I deal with the racing scene. Keep your fingers crossed that the animations will go smoothly, because I haven't made animations with cars in a long time.

In addition, unfortunately, I have to make a rather important change in the code, because we overlooked one important thing. From now on, we combine two personality variables that were in the game into one. It was a rather big mistake because these two were mutually exclusive. With this new approach, we will avoid many possible gaps and mistakes that could cause many problems in the future Episodes. Unfortunately, this change will cause one, probably a huge disadvantage for some players - you will have to play Race of Life from the beginning, including Episode 1. 😕 However, this fix is ​​important enough that I decided we have to do it this way. Fortunately, we noticed it early enough. I don't know what could happen if we introduced such a change in Episode 5 or 6 😄 So I hope it won't be a big inconvenience for you to play the game from the beginning. Thanks to this, we will also fill many other gaps in the code and hopefully we will not find such errors in the future. 😅

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