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Thanks for all the support and positivity around the game, I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I've enjoyed being part of the process of making it. Like some of you, I can't wait to read how the story unfolds, which is a great motivation to actually write it.  Feel free to drop comments, suggestions, gripes or thoughts here or on our discord. I may not respond to everything, especially if doing so might reveal a plot point or give significance to something I don't really want to emphasise yet, but I do read them all and they all matter.  As a little Patreon bonus, I've mentioned on Discord that I often use music to get into the character I'm writing. I have a playlist for every character and it allows me to kind of get into their vibe and attitude. Below is my list for Veronica. While she's quite vulnerable, she's also got a bit of rock chick in her:

Grinspoon - Just Ace

The superjesus - Gravity

Halestorm - Get Lucky

Three Days Grace - Give in to me

Royal Blood - I only lie when I love you

In This Moment- Call me

Bad Wolves - Hear me now

Stonesour - Wicked Game

In This Moment - All For You

What songs do you think match characters? Are there any you'd add or remove? Please drop any recommendations below, always looking for more music to vibe out to when I write.  

Thanks for everything!

Maggie from Race of Life is bending over and showing her big ass
Maggie from Race of Life is making pancakes
31 grudnia 2023

Development update - 22.09.2022

Getting back to Q&A we had one interesting question from Alduran - How long did the development of the first Episode take?

My first thoughts about making Race of Life showed up in my head sometime in December 2021. I wasn’t very confident that I could come up with a nice and engaging story but I thought I’d give it a try. I started outlining plot points in January and I followed with creating characters soon after. In February I met Joshua who was like a gift from heaven 😄 He quickly understood the characters and the direction of where the story should go. He fit right in with his style of writing and humor. From there it was pretty straight forward, Joshua wrote dialogues for the first scene and I followed with renders. And here we are 7 months later 😄 As it was mentioned a few times before, much work has already been done and the next Episode SHOULD come out much, much easier!

Also, in today's development update Joshua wanted to give you a short update on his work 😄What a rollout. When writing and seeing the renders for chapter one, I thought the game had something that people would enjoy, but the feedback has been far beyond expectation. I'm grateful for all of it, including the people who spoke about things they didn't like. I'm not expecting Race of Life to be everything to everybody, but I can assure all our players that all criticism is read and considered. Some of the issues were story-related concerned about plot direction, and while I can understand that people don't want to be invested in a game and then suddenly have it swerve somewhere they don't like, but if I address those concerns directly, it gives away the story a bit too much. Just trust me that it'll be a fun ride.  This week I've written the dialogue for Episode 2, scene 1. Jachu has added his tweaks to the outlines for every scene, and we're progressing nicely. The episode doesn't start with the preview scene from episode 1, but that scene does appear later on, with greater depth and context.

Episode 2 will explore the relationships between characters a little more and give the players an idea about how the MC is going to interact with them. As mentioned before, the broad story arcs have been plotted from start to finish, so if something seems odd or weird now, it may be that the significance is yet to be revealed.   

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