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We're also finding the right balance between making sure the choices matter and have consequences, and not interrupting the flow of the game too much.

Ultimately, we want everyone playing it to enjoy the experience, so we're always fine-tuning the pacing and how players interact with the game, even as we write and edit the dialogue.

So that's where it stands at the moment. It's progressing well, and I can't wait for everyone to actually play it.
Stay tuned!

Jake is pouring water and ice over Camille from Race of Life. She's wet.
Camille and Nalaya from Race of Life is sitting and talking. Natalya is in the swimsuit
31 grudnia 2023

Development Update - 19.11.2022

We’re doing our best as always! Currently the number of images has crossed 600! Also 6 NSFW animations are ready 😄 Beyond the images and 3D porn animations I’ve done a lot of environment work. There’s a new racing spot for Jake to practice. Maggie's apartment is also ready, as are a new lab in college, Copper’s backyard and the office of one of Jake's work colleagues. Environments always take a lot of time because I don’t like when these look exactly like in most of the other games. I’m trying to make Race of Life a little bit different by adding more personalized props, just to make it more lifelike.

Also I forgot to give my Patrons extra image and NSFW image for a while so if you’re one of my Patrons or you’d like to become one - check them out 😀

- EXTRA PREVIEW - click!- NSFW PREVIEW - click!

Also, here’s a few words about the story from Joshua 😀

Everything is ticking along well right now, I'm building up to the climax (pun intended) of the episode, and just neatening up the foundations for the first secondary character arc. Episode two also gives a bit more depth to all the characters you've already met, and a little more of their backstory will come out.

The funny thing is that even the short scenes seem to be ballooning into large ones as the story evolves—but don't worry, it's not getting too bloated, and I guarantee there will still be the racing, fun, drama and sex that everyone wants to have in the game.

Logo of the best porn game called Race of Life with a neon racing car and text written underneath.

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