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And a few words from Joshua as usual 😄

Wow. It's been a massive week for Underground Studio. The launch of episode 2 has been a long time coming, but overall it went even better than we'd hoped.

While we are still going through some of the feedback, overall it seems like the response has been very positive, but with some opportunities to do some things better, which we will take into account going forward.

I'm happy to see that there is a fanbase for all the girls. Team Jammin looks to be in the lead, followed by the Allie squad, V-crew and then Maggie massive, but all the girls have their fans. Kris also has a cohort of support, and I've had a few people asking about Kalani and Tiana in the future.

Even Maggie's mother Theresa has had some very loud interest, which is... something we didn't expect. But hey, I'm glad she has fans too.

There has been a lot of positive feedback, which really helps us know that we're generally on the right path. There has also been a reasonable amount of criticism for some parts, but I think a lot of it is coming from a place of wanting the game to be the best it can be, and I definitely share that.

It's sometimes hard to address some of the criticism because a lot of the things that are noticed are intentional, and serve a purpose for future episodes. I don't want to give things away, so even mentioning which parts I'm talking about makes them a "thing". I guess it's a downside of releasing the story in parts rather than as a whole, because how things appear now may not be how you see them in hindsight once more of the story is told. Sorry, I know that's vague, but I will say I'm not dismissing the criticism of people who want the game to be the best it can be, but, there are also parts of the story where a little disappointment makes the good times even better.

There has been a staggering amount of support online across reddit, forums and discord channels. Every time someone talks about the game and recommends it (or even critiques it) it raises the profile, helping us reach a larger audience, so thank you all for that. We'll work hard to keep up the quality.We've also seen a little increase in patrons, which we are very grateful for. I know times are tough in many parts of the world, so any little bit is very well received. We do try and give our patrons some exclusive access and other perks, just as a thank you for those who help us keep this thing rolling along. I know there will be quite a few that will support only in release months, and that's fine. We appreciate you all.

But, on to episode 3.
As we've mentioned before, one of the big feedback points we've had was that it was too long between updates. We hear you, and we've made the choice to release episode 3 in two parts. The script for part one is done, with a few edits to take into account the feedback we've received. Part two will be finished soon. It'll be a smaller update than episode 2, but still bigger than episode 1, so there'll be a little bit less playtime, but a lot less waiting time too.

Once episode 3 is finished, the game will be released on Steam. If that's your preferred channel, you can wishlist the game now and be notified when it's out!

But overall, it's been an amazing couple of weeks. Thank you to everyone who has let us know what they thought of the game (good and bad), and for all the people expressing how much they enjoyed it. I'm delighted to have you all onboard for this little story we're telling, even if it's just for the tits.

Cheers everyone!

Sexy asian tits fall out of shirt college girl called Alexa from Race of Life extra scene
Sexy asian ass in shorts - Alexa from Race of Life Extra scene
02 stycznia 2024

Development Update - 19.09.2023

We are slowly calming down after the release! However, it wasn't a time of laziness - today, I'm finishing the overdue Extra scene for Patreon supporters - for Bookmakers (10$) and higher tiers. I already have all the animations ready, I just have a few renders left to finish. I think I'll be able to upload it for you today or tomorrow! Once again, I apologize for not meeting the release deadline. I focused all my attention on the final touches, corrections, and thorough checking of the game. If I were to include the full game with the Extra scene, Episode 2 would probably only be released now.

I want to remind you that the scene was created by Patreon supporters! A few months ago, I asked you some questions about where it should take place, which character would be featured, how they should be dressed, and what sexual situations interest you. I'll remind you that at that time, Alexa won the poll, and the setting was supposed to be in a classroom. We want to do something similar for the upcoming release of Episode 3 Part 1. Bookmakers and higher-tier Patreons ($10+) will have several polls to fill out, and they will decide how the next Extra scene will look and who will be involved in it! For Mechanics (20$ Patrons) and higher tiers, I'll upload an NSFW render from this scene in a second.

I'd like to remind you to add the game to your Steam wishlists. It really helps us with promotion, and the more wishlists we get, the better. So even if you don't plan to buy Race of Life on Steam, please add it to your wishlists!❤️


Thank you very much for your feedback and words of support! You're amazing! I encourage those who haven't had the opportunity to fill out the survey that appears at the end of the game, where you can leave your comments, tell us which girl is your favorite, or what you liked or didn't like the most about the update.

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