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  • I've mentioned this many times before, but I’ll repeat it again - Episode 2 is really big. Considering I'm the only 3D artist in our two-person team, it's really time consuming to make thousands of images and dozens of animations in a reasonable amount of time. And the art itself is not the end of the work. You have to take care of the code, test it, take care of the SFX, etc. All this translates into hundreds if not thousands of hours of work. 😕
  • I work on Race of Life in my free time. I have a day job which often requires me to work irregular hours and therefore there are situations where I have very little free time. I sincerely hope that someday I will be able to take up Race of Life as a full-time job, but for now it must be as it is. All we can do is make sure that Episode 3 will be smaller and easier to create. 😄
  • At first I didn't want to talk about it, but looking at how much time I've wasted on this and how much time I'm likely to lose in the future, I thought you should know about it. In January this year I was diagnosed with sinus cancer. Fortunately, it is not a malignant tumor, but it still requires surgery. Since January I’ve spent many days looking for a hospital to take care of me and I found it only a few days ago. It's very possible I'll be operated on in a month or two and then I'll have to take a break from work until I recover. The doctor said I shouldn't push myself too hard the next couple of weeks after the surgery and I'll be fully recoverd at least 2 months after. As soon as I get the exact date of the surgery, I will let you know! 

I hope it'll answer some of the questions you may have. All in all, the development doesn't stop and I'm doing my best to deliver you Episode 2 as soon as possible.

Stay healthy and I'll see you in the next development update!

Cooper's wife Camille from Race of Life
Cooper's wife Camille from Race of Life is hugging Jake
02 stycznia 2024

Development Update - 19.04.23

The last two weeks have not been as productive as I would like. Easter, one of my family member’s birthday party and my day job meant I didn't have much time to work on Race of Life. Despite this, I managed to make a few dozens of renders and create one new environment. For this reason, I thought this development update would be a bit different than the others. I think you deserve full transparency when it comes to RoL development and for that reason I would like to explain to you why development may seem to have slowed down recently.

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