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Also there's a few new polls to leave your vote for. First one is about the Episode 2 Extra Scene. I need your help in choosing the right outfit for the selected girl 😄 Probably there will be more questions about the other parts of the outfits later so stay tuned! 😄 The other poll is about March Wallpaper!   

1) What should the chosen character from Episode 2 Extra Scene wear? - POLL  
2) March Wallpaper - POLL

There's no public preview today but if you'd like to see Extra Preview or NSFW Preview, come and take a look 😄
1) Extra Preview - HERE!
2) NSFW preview - HERE! 

And as always a few words from Joshua 😄
Well, we're getting ever closer to Episode 2 release. I know a lot of people are very keen to know when it'll be ready to play, and I feel you, belie me (I'm looking forward to it too). All I can say is that literally no one wants it out there more than Jachu and I, and we're doing what we can to make it happen as quickly as possible, while still keeping with the style that you enjoyed in Episode 1.   

For the new followers, the main reason it's taken so long to update is because it's a massive episode. Even with some recent edits, it still sits at 531 pages of dialogue (171,539 words). As a comparison, Dostoyevski's Crime and Punishment comes in at 179,500 words (in the English translation).   

So, it's big, is what I'm saying.   

But, episode 3 is already in the works. As Jachu has mentioned in other updates, episode 3 will be special as it concludes the first portion of the story, and will be the point where we will release it on Steam, so there will be a bit of a payoff as the story moves into the next phase. Writing that payoff and the build up to it is taking up most of my time at the moment. Getting that flow right is massively important.   

I was asked on Discord if I'm still using playlists to write characters, and I am. As a little bit of a teaser, here's my playlist for a character that we saw in Episode 1, but she gets a little more screentime in Episode 2: Kris Sweet

Kris' list:
In This Moment - Adrenalize  
Epica - Storm the Sorrow
Flyleaf - So sick
Flyleaf - All Around Me
Starset - My Demons  
Pop Evil - The Boss's Daughter
League of Legends - Get Jinxed
Diamante - Coming in hot
Falling in Reverse - Popular Monster  
Fallen Captive - Famous
In This Moment - Just Drive
Halestorm - Lovebites
Jinjer - Pisces
Motley Crue - Kickstart my heart  
Evanescence - Going Under
Amyl and the sniffers - Guided by Angels
Halocene - Chop Suey (cover)

It's funny, but when writing scenes that heavily feature female characters (and most scenes do) I generally like female vocalists to bring in that sort of vibe. That's why I've added a cover of System of a Down rather than the original. Serj Tankian is a boss, but I just end up rocking out and not getting any work done.  
Stay tuned!

Gith girl Kris Sweet from Race of Life with her big ass in stockings sexy outfit standing infront Jake
Goth girl Kris Sweet from Race of Life underess herself infront Jake
02 stycznia 2024

Development Update - 16.03.2023

I’m still working on the 8th scene but I’m starting to see the finish line so that’s promising 😄 After that one there’s only a few smaller (much much smaller) scenes and one big race scene. In the next development update I’ll say more about the number of images and animations because its number grew significantly recently.  I would like to say that there is little work left to do, but unfortunately that’s not true. I hope that after the 8th scene, which consumes most of my free time at the moment, everything will go smoothly. In the meantime, we're further polishing the outline for Episode 3 and we can say that it's pre-finished and we even have the proper ending! There is a chance that we will change something, but at the moment I feel confident that such a version is pretty good, good enough to call it the end of Act I.  

With the release of the game on Steam, there is still a lot of additional work involved, which we already started to think about. First of all, we want to translate the game into several (if it goes well, a dozen) languages. So if you know some languages ​​well enough or they are your native languages ​​and you are not afraid of translating Race of Life from English - contact us! 😄 We currently do not offer any remuneration, but this may change in the future. We are looking for people who would be ready to translate the text themselves or only check the correctness of already translated text, so if you do not feel confident enough to translate the entire text from scratch, but would like to check the correctness of the already translated text - you can also apply and help us in improving different language versions of Race of Life! 😄 In addition, if you would like to help as a beta-tester or proofreader, there is also such a possibility. For this position you need fluency in English and preferably a great eye for detail, the ability to find even the smallest visual, spelling or plot errors! Feel free to contact us here if you are a Patron or PM Jachu on our Discord!

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