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Here are a few words from Joshua also! 😄
With the whole episode plotted, the detailed scripting is well underway, with multiple scenes already done. It's a bit trickier than Episode 1 because we want to treat the decisions from that episode as consequential, which means adding in more paths, options and outcomes. It's expected, but it does mean that just when I think I'm done with a scene, Jachu reminds me of a detail we should include for continuity, so back into it I go. That's how we end up with a good story though, so it's all good. The episode is fast taking shape, and getting to a point where the characters have their own "voice". This makes it a bit easier for the characters to interact with each other in a way that makes sense, and isn't just me writing dialogue through a bunch of sock puppets. As I've mentioned before, I have playlists that help me get into the vibe of the different characters. I've attached Allison's below. I've gotten some great feedback on other songs that I've added to character playlists, so if there's a song you think suits a particular character, feel free to suggest it. Like I've said before, there's no plot clues here, just a general vibe of the character that helps me write in their voice.


All that remains - The Thunder Rolls

New Years Day - Kill or be Killed

Drowning Pool - Over My Head

Bodycount - All Love Is Lost

In This Moment - Big Bad Wolf

In This Moment - Blood

Three Days Grace - I hate everything about you

Superheist - a Dignified rage

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Blue on Black

Bad Wolves - Killing me Slowly

Lauren Babic & Johnathan Young - One Step CloserStay tuned!

Big tits with nipple piercing Jasmine from Race of Life
Redhead Jasmine from Race of Life is talking with Jake on race
31 grudnia 2023

Development Update - 15.10.2022

We’re working hard on the upcoming Episode! Joshua is writing scenes and I’m right beside him with renders. As I mentioned a while ago I want you to have an impact on the content that appears in the Extra scenes. That’s why starting today I’m going post the polls with various questions, like - who should be in the scene, what should happen (like for example going on a date to the cinema or maybe some yoga session?), what fetishes should occur… Every Extra scene is a lewd scene so there should be some different fetishes too! There’ll be plenty of polls that you could participate in during the development process (so till the official release dates announcement). I’ll try to post it regularly, one or two a month, maybe more depends on what we need to know for the scene 😄

Remember that your votes count more if you are a higher tier!

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