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Joshua has some wonderful news for you:

Well, Episode 2 is getting closer to release. I’ve finished drafting the script. 501 pages and 158,345 words. To put that in context, it’s a couple hundred words longer than J R R Tolkein’s The Two Towers novel.

That’s a bit of a misrepresentation though, as a lot of that is due to the multiple paths and decision-dependent dialogue, and I don’t have any Ents, though they would be a cool addition.

The first seven scenes are already being beta tested and polished. The apex of the Episode has been designed and modelled, and looks fantastic. I think you guys will enjoy it, but I don’t want to spoil anything by giving away the plot there, but I think the renders will have a few players torn between their favourite girls.

I realize there has been some chatter about the length of time between Episode 1 and 2, and I think that falls mostly on me. Initially, there were a few scenes that I only intended to be there for hitting a couple of plot points, but it just felt right to flesh them out further, and create multiple ways they could play out, depending on player decisions.

I know it’s made a few people worried, but it’s happening. Starting up a project like this is always hard because every hour we spend on this, we’re not spending on our day job or health or families… you get the picture. We’re committed to telling the whole story, but neither of us want to rush out an update if we don’t think it’s telling the story in the way it needs to. It’s so easy to break immersion with a bunch of typos, an artifact in a render, or a plot point that is suddenly dropped for no reason, and we want to avoid that as much as possible.

Anyway, I’ll be helping polish the script for a bit, then I’ll script the bonus scene that you guys vote for, then it’s on to episode 3! I’ve already plotted it out, and have a good idea of what needs to happen to move forward the main story, as well as the side plots.Big thanks to our beta testing team as well! Phoenexis, OneShotSquat and Discordant. Their eyes have helped make sure that my late-night writing doesn’t look like it was written at 4am.So now, as Jachu is powering on with the rendering and integrating all of it into renpy, I’ll be working on the next episode. I think people will enjoy it, especially when they see how their chosen love interest develops. If you’re a Patron, don’t forget to vote for the particulars fo the bonus scene, and feel free to drop any questions in the comments.  Thanks to the players, patrons and everyone involved in the project, I can’t wait for you guys to see how this all develops.
Stay tuned!

Allison (Jake's ex wife) and dr Kalani Mahamaya are talking to Jake from Adult Visual Novel called Race of Life
Jasmine from Race of Life is swimming in sexy swimsuit - this is special sexy image for Valentine's day
31 grudnia 2023

Development Update - 14.02.2023

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Patrons decided that we should take Jasmine on a date and that the beach is the perfect place! I hope you like my special sexy render if you haven't seen the NSFW version - click here!

I’m still transcribing the rest of the script. There are 3 really huge scenes ahead of me and one of them has around 800 images! Just one scene! But everything has a purpose, I don’t want to spoil anything…. Beta testers and proofreaders played through the first half of the Episode 2 already so real testing has started. To be honest real action begins in the second part of the Episode so most of the lewd scenes are there, that’s why there’s still plenty of work to do on my side.

Logo of the best porn game called Race of Life with a neon racing car and text written underneath.

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