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Also, few words from Joshua:

I'm still powering along with 3.2, having just finished a bit of a filler scene to set up the apex of the episode.

A few days ago I finished reworking a few details in 3.1 to make it flow better into 3.2. Part of the issue with breaking the episode into two to speed up production time is that the rhythm of the episode just doesn't flow when it's simply cut in half, so a few scenes were juggled around, some reimagined and others just had little tweaks. After that, the beta team read through and provided feedback, which has all been incorporated.

I don't see any more amendments to 3.1 being necessary, unless there are a few grammatical mistakes that have slipped through.

I would like to thank the Beta team for their time. The editing process is always a funny one, because no two editors will have the same thoughts on a script. Once grammar and spelling are sorted, the rest of the editorial process is very individualized. A lot of good suggestions were prompted though, and they've been taken on board.

I'd estimate I'm about 33% of the way through 3.2, but with the holiday season in full swing, I think I should have that script locked down and episode 4 plotted out in detail by the end of January.

So, there's plenty to keep me busy this holiday season. It's a great time of year, especially if you like people-watching. It always makes me kind of chuckle when there are endless Christmas carols in shopping centres singing about 'joy to the world' and being happy and merry, yet just in the car park it's a Mad Max-level of lawlessness as people try to find a space to park their car, with varying degrees of success (oh, and if you need to do a thirteen-point-tun to get into a space, either the space is too small, the car too big, or you suck at driving. Yes, I'm looking at you, guy in the red Mazda, you had loads of space!).

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the season, and rest assured we're working to get 3.1 to you as soon as possible.Stay tuned!

Allison (Jake's ex wife) and dr Kalani Mahamaya are talking to Jake from Adult Visual Novel called Race of Life
Allison (Jake's ex wife) from Adult Visual Novel called Race of Life is talking to dr Mahamaya in WUI.
07 stycznia 2024

Development update - 13.12.2023

I'm about halfway through 3.1. 😅 I just finished scene 4 and I’ll move straight into the race scene. Chronologically, it’s at the end of 3.1 but I want to get it done sooner so I won’t have to wait for racing SFX to be done which is time consuming and it could delay the update if done at the wrong time. So, as I mentioned on Discord a while ago - I can say that by the time of my surgery (beginning of February), renders for the update will be almost ready. Of course, an update is not only about renders. There are plenty of other tasks which are also time consuming, like coding or proofreading. Hopefully, when I get back there’ll be only small tasks left.


There is quite a bit of “coding” news as well, for instance we’re working on a new UI (user interface)! There will be quite a few cosmetical and functional changes/improvements, so I hope you'll like it! Additionally, there will be a new app on the game’s phone, which you might have already heard about from Kris in Episode 2. As for translations, we’re progressing but I can’t say when new languages will be ready. We’re aiming to have at least one language finished by the time of Steam release, but time will tell.


Also, quick reminder about voting for the extra scene for Episode 3.1! If you haven't cast your vote yet, here are the first two questions:


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