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A few words from Joshua!


Since the last update, dialogue on Episode 3 Part 2 has progressed nicely.


It's fun to develop the relationships and bring Jake closer to the girls, allowing them to reveal a bit more of themselves to him, both literally and figuratively.


As the game progresses, I find myself researching stuff that I wonder if will cause me to end up on a list somewhere. I'm not sure even incognito mode is 100% proof against some organisation perusing my browser history and asking themselves "why is this dude searching for articles on ball gags, riding crops, healthy fetish habits and calculations for determining the strength of moving, intersecting electric fields?"


I'm still not across that last one, but the agent with my file is probably trying to figure out how I plan to use that data for sexual gratification.


Aside from all of that, things are moving well. Beta readers are going through Episode 3 Part 1 dialogue and renders, so things look promising. Because we've done a lot of QA as we've gone alone Part 1 shouldn't have too much need for touching up, and the plot threads work as consistent narratives.


So, everything is looking good.  


Thanks also to our beta team for jumping onto the QA so soon after ep 2 was released. They're an amazing bunch that do more than I'd dare hope to keep me on the right track, and thinking about things that I hadn't thought to consider.Our discord channel is getting lively again, so feel free to drop by if you'd like to chat about the game (or whatever the various denizens of our channel mauly be discussing).


For now though, I'll get back to it. That Dom scene isn't going to write itself!

Sexy Jake massage from Race of Life Episode 3
Sexy round big ass from Race of Life - best porn game
04 stycznia 2024

Development update - 13.11.2023

I have a new surgery date! On February 4, 2024, I am supposed to report to the hospital ward. On one hand, I am glad that I have a new date, but on the other hand, it seems rather distant, and I still have to wait three months. I hope that this time I won't be struck by any illness and will smoothly undergo the surgery.


For this reason, the polls for Valentine's Day renders will probably start in mid-January, and I will create the render much earlier and queue it for you so that you can also receive something from us on Valentine’s Day.


As for work, I crossed over 250 completed images a few days ago and I already done a few animations for Episode 3 Part 1. Additionally, I finally prepared the entire script for translations (I know, it’s been some time), so it can be finally said that we are starting the translation of Race of Life into other languages. Taking this opportunity, if you know any of these languages, PM me or contact us through Discord! Very good knowledge of the English language is required! Unfortunately, we cannot offer any revenue for this (at least for now) so treat it like a community work. We would certainly like to translate the game into the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Turkish

Of course, if you know a language that is not on the list and wish to help us out, please contact us!


Recently, we've added Steam achievements throughout Episode 1 and 2. We are at 30 achievements right now so I think it’s safe to say that before Act 1 releases on Steam we’ll cross 50 achievements easily. Be sure to add the game to your Steam wishlist so you don't miss out when Act 1 releases!



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