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As I promised I’d like to prepare something similar to the Halloween special renders this month but in the Christmas edition! You can choose one character from the game! I’ll make one SFW which will be public for everyone and one NSFW for Patrons!

Who should be featured in the renders - POLL 

Also there’s polls for Mechanics (20$+) - December’s Wallpaper - POLL 

Few words from Joshua 😄

So, dialogue is progressing along well, I'm about to start on the big scene of the episode that really sets the tone. It's times like this I'm glad I'm not doing this on my own, because keeping track of the different paths and options is pretty tricky. More than once Jachu has saved me from writing a whole scene that didn't take into account past decisions. I can't imagine how people do this solo.

But, the good part is that the distance between draft and final script is thankfully pretty small. I'm expecting to have all the script finished by the end of the month, and then we can really start the ramp up to the release.

There's also a few new characters we've managed to flesh out, as well as do a deep dive into the relationships Jake is making.

On a big positive note, we managed to hit an all-time high patrons in November, which considering, well, the world as it is, is a massive milestone. I know a lot of people jump on and off patreon as their circumstances change, and that's absolutely fine, but I do want to thank the people that have stayed with us since episode 1 was released. It really does add to the motivation to know that there are people that want to help us tell this story.

It's getting really exciting now, I look forward to seeing what you all think of the new episode.

Stay tuned! 

Race flag girl from Race of Life - Patricia. She is in hot sexy outfit, she waves a flag when race starts
Sexy goth race girl from Race of Life - Kris Sweet
31 grudnia 2023

Development Update - 08.12.2022

First of all, sorry for a little delay with the status update. I took a week off last week so I didn’t progress with the scenes much 😄 When I got back I started working on the first racing scene in the new update. New environment required adding plains of grass which are very memory consuming. One image from that scene takes about 10-15 minutes to open. So you can imagine how I feel about the total 200+ images that this scene will have. The scenes in the upcoming update are pretty massive and I know what’s waiting for me in the future. We’re planning to do one big event scene which will probably have - I don’t even really know for sure - but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had 800 images. But I’ll give you more details when I’ll be working on it.

Logo of the best porn game called Race of Life with a neon racing car and text written underneath.

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