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Also if you didn’t place your vote on the first question about the Extra Scene - there’s still plenty of time - click HERE to vote! Right now Alexa is winning. If you’d like to make an impact - remember that the higher tier you are the more power you have! 😊

Few words from Joshua: 😊

Another week and the dialogue is progressing nicely. There's new characters that are introduced, added depth to older ones and maybe a surprise or two.

It was great to see so many people respond to the Allison Halloween render. She's a favorite character to write due to the big part she has to play in the story, as well as the emotional context of the character.

I'm also fleshing out a bit more about Jasmine and Alexa, and there are some minor characters from Episode 1 that will play larger roles. The pacing of this episode is a lot quicker, with more of a focus on Jake as he starts to work towards his goal of helping Lily.

By the end of the episode, the player will understand a bit more about where the story is headed, and what role they will play in it, as well as how other characters view each other.

Oh, and once again, thank you to the generous Patrons who have supported the game. It is genuinely encouraging to see more of you join each month, and makes it easier to justify some of the late nights spent mapping all the plot points and pathways.
Stay tuned!

Jasmine from Race of Life is showing her big tits with nipple piercing to Jake in lab
Jasmine from Race of Life is in the lab, she wants to show Jake her tits
31 grudnia 2023

Development Update - 08.11.2022

We’re progressing smoothly with development. I have almost 400 images ready! Currently I’m photoshopping all of it and putting it into the code. It’s hard to say how big this update will be. If I had to guess, I'd say it'll be much bigger than Episode 1. We did around ¼ of the update and I hope we’ll deliver the next Episode in early 2023. I can’t tell you the exact date but the more we’ll do the more precise the date would be possible to promise. To illustrate our usual development time more clearly - we started our work at full speed just after releasing the patch with the Extra scene at the end of September. In 40 days Joshua wrote ¼ of the update and I did almost 400 images. I’m aware of the fact that there wasn’t any animation to do yet (and these are the most time-consuming) but I’m optimistic about us keeping up the pace. The Christmas is coming and probably we’ll take at least few days off to spent some quality time with our families but we’ll keep you informed as usual 😄I’m really glad you liked Allison’s Halloween render! I’m planning similar gift for you for Christmas 😄 There’ll be a few polls with choices about the character etc. but I’ll start them in the beginning of December. In the meantime you can leave your vote in those two polls:

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