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Here are few words from Joshua 😄

After finishing Episode 2, proofreading it and getting feedback from our beta players, I've been looking at Episode 3. Plotting out an episode is funny because just when you think it's finished, you make one change and then you need to unpick the whole thing to re-weave it into a coherent story. Even in episode 1 and 2 there were whole scenes that were made redundant or useless because we felt the story was better if we took it in a different direction. That's just part of writing and editing though, and I'd rather scrap a bad scene than try to shoehorn it into the game.

I'm also conscious of making Episode 3 short enough to get another episode out in a reasonable timeframe. That doesn't mean it'll be 'short', just that it won't be as huge as Episode 2. If all episodes were that long, it'd delay release by a lot, especially once we have dozens of plot threads running, with each needing variations on renders and 3D porn animations.

On another positive note, we hit another record for Patrons last month. I cannot overstate how much that means to us. To know that people like what we do to help ensure that we can continue to do it is very encouraging. Thanks go out to each and every patron, your contribution helps us in so many ways.

Thanks also to those who have talked about the game on message boards, in youtube videos and shared opinions. Even when it's critical, a vast majority just want the game to be up to a high standard, and I don't mind being held to that at all.

Stay tuned! 

Jasmine is sitting on Jake. She's in ball dress, her big round tits are naked with piercing on it. She has tattoos
Alexa and Jasmine from Race of Life are drunk. Alexa is hugging Jake
31 grudnia 2023

Development Update - 01.03.2023

I’m still working on scene 8. 😅 This one is definitely the biggest one in this Episode. I won’t be surprised if it’d contain around 1000 images and I can’t even imagine how many animations. As we said before, it’s huge… But in the meantime we started outlining Episode 3 and to be honest I feel like it’s almost ready for the next step which is writing dialogue. The only thing left is the ending. We cannot choose which ending will be the most suitable with satisfying resolve. We have plenty of ideas, so many plots which we can pick from but for now we’re not really sure which one is the best. 

Why is this ending so important to us? 😄 The answer is simple, Episode 3 will be the ending of Act I. That's why we want this ending to be really satisfying regardles of what route you’re currently on. The other thing is that we want to release Act I on Steam. We think that Episode 1, 2 and 3 combined as Act I will be the perfect amount of content for the Steam release. I guess it will contain around 10 hours of gameplay. Of course it won’t be the end of the entire game. There’s still plenty of Episodes left.

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