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Without further ado, here are the stats:

  • 4035 new renders (compared to 1400 in Episode 1, so now we have a total of 5435 renders)
  • 152 new animations (Episode 1 - 38 animations, so we have 190 animations in total, without the Extra scenes)
  • 56 new music tracks (Episode 1 - 18, so 74 total)
  • 43 new sound effects (Episode 1 - 38, so we have 81 in total)
  • 7 new lewd scenes (Episode 1 - 3 lewd scenes, not counting Extra, so 10 in total)
  • 1 new mini-game
  • 2 new race scenes (Episode 1 - 1 race scene, so 3 in total)
  • 9 new characters
  • new main menu
  • favorites render gallery
  • glossary as a new phone app
  • 10 new phone wallpapers
  • turned off naming your save by default
  • you can now use your keyboard to progress through the phone messages
  • new 3D model for Kris Sweet
  • "Asshole" and "Good_Guy" variables are combined into "mc_personality"
  • fixed a lot of typos and inconsistencies in Episode 1
  • roughly 22,000 new lines of code
  • 550 pages, 186,339 words of script (Episode 1 - 207 pages, 63,429 words, so a total of 757 pages,249,768 words) - that’s an estimation of course and it contains notes, repetition of texts etc. It’d be hard to count it correctly.
  • 6+ hours of gameplay

The release is tomorrow, if you want early access, you can become Champions by clicking here. Thank you again for your patience and support.

Here are a few more words about the last character who joined the waiting girls:
There are those who hate her, there are those who already love her and want to win her heart back! Jake himself does not know which way to go yet, but in the upcoming Episode, thanks to the right decisions, you will be able to determine your intentions.

Every girl from Race of Life in sexy lingerie - Mahamaya, Maggie, Kris, Jasmine, Veronica, Natalya, Alexa, Patricia, Tiana, Allison
Every girl from Race of Life in sexy lingerie - Mahamaya, Maggie, Kris, Jasmine, Veronica, Natalya, Alexa, Patricia, Tiana, Allison
02 stycznia 2024


The early access release is tomorrow for Champions ($100 Patrons)! Therefore, I want to present to you various statistics that show how much work was put into Episode 2. It's been a very hard year for me, a lot of work not only related to the production of Race of Life, but also a big project in my daily job. Finding out that I have a tumor, many visits to the doctor, stress and uncertainty. I'm proud of what this update looks like and I hope you'll like it too.

At the end of the game, you will have the opportunity to evaluate our work in the survey, as it was also with Episode 1. Your feedback helped us a lot in the production of Episode 2. For example, I put a lot more work into the animations, which some of you didn’t like that much and I see a big difference in the animations between the first and second Episode.

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